About MHC

Missouri Health Connection (MHC) is the statewide health information exchange (HIE) organization that provides secure and private electronic services for sharing health information to improve the communication, efficiency, and quality of care and allows doctors and other caregivers immediate access to a patient's up-to-date health information in order to provide care that is based on a comprehensive health record. MHC services enable health care providers to advance the quality of health care and patient satisfaction while reducing the cost of health care, improving the health of Missourians and assisting with meeting and attesting to certain Meaningful Use measures.

Missouri Health Connection (MHC) provides an electronic and secure system, MHC CareMail®, for healthcare professionals to send and receive encrypted health information over the Internet. MHC CareMail® is user friendly and fits easily into your current workflows by seamlessly integrating the technology with any electronic health record systems and email systems so you can begin communicating with your patients and other health care professionals immediately.MHC CareMail® messages can be used to communicate referrals and clinical records between electronic health record (EHR) systems, health care providers and patients. Additionally, health care providers can utilize MHC CareMail® to assist with Meaningful Use Stage 2 attestation in order to meet payment incentive criteria for sending clinical records electronically.

MHC Help Desk

Phone: 1-866-350-4778

Email: helpdesk@missourihealthconnection.org

Website: www.missourihealthconnection.org

The Direct Project is a federal initiative for standards-based healthcare communications, with the goal of enabling communications between all healthcare providers and patients.
Direct secure messaging empowers you to communicate with any physician or patient with a Direct email address in a way that is HIPAA and HITECH compliant.
The ability to send transition of care documents (CCDs) using Direct secure messaging. This can help you meet Meaningful Use attestation requirements and engage your patients.